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Who We Serve

Despite the chatter about online shopping, the facts show that retail is here to stay. Forrester predicts that in 2018, 88% of sales will be transacted in a physical store. In 2016 consumers spent over $626 billion dollars in stores, with 41 minutes being the average amount of time shopping, which equates to 53 hours per year. Despite these findings, brick and mortar still lacks the visibility on what happens between the time a consumer walks into the store and when they pay for an item. Never before have retailers and brands been able to access real time data and analytics at the point of decision. shelfPoint is making this possible.


We help Brands

  • Increase sales
  • Enhance awareness
  • Influence shopper behavior at point of decision
  • Increase ROI
  • Enforce campaign compliance
  • Optimize marketing efficiency and spend

We help Retailers

  • Provide digital solutions for brands
  • Create a new consumer experience
  • Increase basket size
  • Drive traffic
  • Enhance in store promotions
  • Lower operating costs with digital pricing

We help Consumers

  • Gain attention and awareness of new and existing products
  • Access sales and promotions
  • Provide product information
  • Make more informed purchasing decisions